Rental Scheme

24 month rental and it's yours!

No lump sum required at any time

Low cost monthly payment plan

No more forgetting to make payments

Option to return after 2 months

12 months free, risk insurance cover

As parents, your first thoughts when your youngster announces an interest in learning a musical instrument will probably be the price and whether your child will stick to it!

With our ‘pay as you play’ rental plan the cost of the instrument is conveniently spread over 24 months. You can hand the instrument back after a minimum of 2 months, with no further monthly payments, or continue paying monthly until the 24 months is up. At this point the instrument is yours.

All rental instruments are new and thoroughly checked and are good quality student models which have been recommended by teachers.

We also feature a 4 month rental plan on Guitars and Violins. Our minimal rental charge on this plan is £12.00.


Download Rental Leaflet