Fender Super Champ X2


Fender Super Champ X2

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Retro 60s looks compliment the modern features of this suprisingly flexible amp! Sonic Blue vinyl covering and Blue jewel light give the Super Champ X2 a vintage vibe that’s very easy on the eyes.

The Super Champ X2 combo amplifier combines 15 watts of rich, dual-channel tube amp sound with modern extra such as versatile amp voicing and a wide selection of digital effects. It’s simple, toneful and flexible, and with its easy computer connectivity you can also custom tailor your amp’s voicing and effects to your personal taste.

Unique features to this amp include: Sonic Blue vinyl covering and Blue jewel light. Also includes “Limited Edition“ FSR badge.

Additional features include: Single 10” Fender Special Design speaker, voicing knob for selection of 16 different amp types, 15 effects with level control, dual-channel switching (footswitch optional), tap tempo control for precise delay time adjustment, 1/4” line output, external speaker capability and USB output for speaker-emulated digital recording.