Tanglewood TVC Koa C


Tanglewood TVC Koa C

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Part of Tanglewoods Evolution Exotic range the Tanglewood TVC Koa C Electro-acoustic Cutaway Auditorium combines beautiful woods with quality electronics to present a guitar that’s unique sound is matched only by its looks.
More commonly seen on classical guitars the AAA cedar top on the Tanglewood TVC Koa C lends itself well to being used in performance because of its projection qualities. Cedar requires less aggressive strumming than its counterparts, so you can be heard without having to thrash your guitar. This wood produces the lovely rich and warm tone that you would expect of a classical guitar, giving you a mellower bass. It also doesn’t require as much playing-in as some woods to get the best out of it.

The Koa of the Tanglewood TVC Koa C Guitars back and sides behave a little like mahogany, adding clear and bright tones but with extra emphasis on the midrange to really round the guitar off. On top of its tonal properties this wood has been selected for its beauty, complementing the cedar top beautifully.

The Venetian Cutaway Auditorium shape of the Tanglewood TVC Koa C helps to balance the tone of these woods whilst being of a size that helps the overall projection and range of the instrument. The shape also helps to emphasis the low-end response of the cedar top. The cutaway also opens up access to the upper registers of the fretboard and the body feels comfortable to play. Also aiding comfortability is a mahogany neck (topped by a rosewood fingerboard) with a low action that is smooth and easy to play.

The Tanglewood TVC Koa C features the Fishman Presys Onboard Preamp System to successfully translate the guitars voice with clarity and control. The compact system also offers extended functionality giving you control over volume, bass and treble as providing a phase switch and a built-in tuner with LED display along with a low batter indicator.