Yamaha YCR2330


Yamaha YCR2330

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With the design of the YCR-2330 being so popular Yamaha have not intruded on what has made it so loved but improved on it to make even better than before. For a start the Yamaha YCR-2330lll Cornet has a redesigned, rounded leadpipe and a medium-large bore size (11.65mm (0.459″)) to make it even easier for beginners to a get a light response, as well as provide a warmer tone.

Durability and playability have been improved with the implementation of a modified two-piece yellow brass bell set at the ideal thickness. This also promotes good technique and keeps the weight of the Yamaha YCR2330lll Cornet down.

The Yamaha YCR 2330lll Cornet has been made even more robust and had its projection enhanced by being kitted out with monel alloy pistons, newly designed piston buttons and heavier valve caps. The second and main tuning slides fitted on the Yamaha YCR-2330lll Cornet have been constructed using the same methods as those at the top end of Yamaha’s range.