Yamaha YTR 3335


Yamaha YTR 3335

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With the redesigned valve system, the pistons themselves have been constructed from a durable monel alloy, which is not only strong, but is maximizes sound quality as well. The bottom caps and the have been replanned and implemented to give a longer life to the instrument and to help create a deeper tone. The 2nd and main tunings slides have been designed and produced using a craftmanship that is normally only common on the professional standard of instruments. This produces unmatched control and projection through the instrument.


Reversed main tuning slide
Brace on the main tuning slide
Ideal bell thickness
Two-piece yellow brass bell
Monel alloy pistons
New valve caps and buttons
Adjustable 3rd slide trigger
Bore Size: ML 11.65mm (0.459″)
Mouthpiece: TR11B4
Case: TRC-201E//02 (Backpack Style)